Shop all the Range Rover Classic engine parts you need.  Includes stand alone oil cooler, gaskets and fuel management.  Congleton Service is your source for anything related to Range Rover Classic restorations.
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  • Oil Filler Cap

    Quality oil filler cap to replace the broken one for your V8 engine. Replaces Part Numbers:625038RNV002 Fits: Land Rover and Range Rover V8 engines
  • Land Rover Oil Filter V8

    Genuine Land Rover Oil Filter fits 3.5, 3.9, 4.0, 4.2 and 4.6L V8 and 200 and 300 Tdi engines. Part Number: ERR3340 Fits: Range Rover Classic, Range Rover P38, Defender, Discovery...
  • Land Rover V8 Stepper Motor

    We have finally found the perfect stepper motor solution for Land Rover V8s. This stepper motor is the culmination of years of trials and failures, we have tried them all....
  • Ignition Spark Plug Wire Set for 3.5 & 3.9L V8

    Silicone spark plug ignition wire set for your vehicle with 3.5 or 3.9L V8 engine. Part Number: RTC6551 Fits: 1987-1994 Polyvee Range Rover Classic and 1994-1995 NAS Defender
  • Potentiometer Throttle Control 3.9L V-8

    Potentiometer Throttle Control for 3.9L V8 engine delivers improved, reliable performance for your engine. Replaces Part Number: ETC8495 Fits: Range Rover Classic, Discovery, and Defenders with 3.9L V8 engines
  • Ignition Spark Plug Wire Set for 1995 RRC and Discovery 1

    Silicone spark plug ignition wire set for your Range Rover Classic 95 or Discovery I, 94-95. Kit includes ignition wire set and ignition wire coil and cover. Part Number: RTC6551GD Fits:1995...
  • Flame-Thrower II Volt Coil

    The Flame-Thrower II 45,000 Volt Canister Coil offers a very low resistance which makes it the ideal coil for high-performance ignitions. Low resistance and improved turns ratio help to produce up to...
  • Ignition Coil for V8

    Quality genuine Bosch brand Ignition Coil for your V8 engine. Meets or exceeds OEM specification. Replaces Part Number: PRC6574 Fits: Range Rover Classic 3.9L & 4.2L, Range Rover Classic 3.9L &...
  • Flame-Thrower II V8 Distributor & Volt Canister Coil

    Kit includes a Flame-Thrower II V8 and the Volt Canister Coil. Replace your worn out Lucas 35D distributor with a distributor that will deliver the performance you demand. Our Flame-Thrower...
  • Mass Air Flow Sensor

    Original Mass Air Flow Sensor for Land Rover Discovery I and Range Rover Classic with a 3.9 V8 engine. The mass air flow meter measures the volume of air entering your engine. The...
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