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Congleton ICEBOX High Capacity Radiator – NAS Defender

Congleton ICEBOX High Capacity Radiator – NAS Defender

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ICEBOX Custom Land Rover Radiators by Congleton Service

Land Rover V8 engines run hot. If you have a NAS Defender 90 or 110 you know all about this. Our custom made ICEBOX High Capacity Radiators are a direct fit and designed to keep your Land Rover running cool – no matter if you are idling in heavy traffic or rock crawling in the Moab desert heat. Why aluminum? Aluminum radiators can provide significantly more cooling and are often 40% more efficient than traditional copper and brass radiator construction. These radiators have the required oil cooler built-in and is a direct fit with no modifications needed.

For the NAS Defenders, our ICEBOX units are direct fit requiring no modification or cutting all with 40% more cooling efficiency than stock units.

CS Icebox line of radiators are all custom built to our proprietary design right here in the USA with American Aluminum. Our radiators are oversized and provide 40% better cooling efficiency than stock units. Whether used with your existing engine or one of our Spectre motors, nothing keeps Rovers cool like ICEBOX. Gone are the days of being afraid to turn the AC on while stuck in traffic on a hot day. Why have AC if you can’t use it Land Rover? The larger capacity and efficiency of the CS ICEBOOX means that you can now enjoy air-conditioning in hot August traffic all while being comfortable secure that your Rover is running nice and cool! Never before have Classic Land Rover owners been able to have so much peace of mind! An overheated Aluminum Block can be a total loss of a Land Rover engine. Protect your investment now and in the future by running only CS ICEBOX line of radiators.

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