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Refinished Rear Louvre (D-Pillar)

Refinished Rear Louvre (D-Pillar)

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Refinished Rear Louvres - Range Rover Classic

These units are a direct fit for your Range Rover Classic.

Congleton Service is proud to offer refinished rear louvres for your Range Rover Classic. These are genuine units, that have been refinished with matching vinyl to fit the original pattern and aesthetic. This is a must have for anyone restoring a Range Rover Classic. Re-wrapped in new vinyl, and with freshly painted grills, these unit will drastically improve the look of your Range Rover Classic.

$100 core charge per louvre, with core refunds issued upon the receipt of a used unit that is in good condition with grills intact. Core refund is solely at Congleton Services discretion. The core charge is included in the sale price.

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